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Let's work together to make Minneapolis even more beautiful. Clean City Minneapolis offers many ways to get involved with tidying up our City, including the Adopt-An-Ash receptacle program. With just a little help, we can make this place shine.


With a little effort, it’s easy to keep our streets and highways clean.

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Work with your neighbors to make your block neat and tidy.

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Adopt-A-Litter Container

Keep litter off the streets by maintaining one or more litter containers.

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Adopt-An-Ash Receptacle

Help us keep this city clean and beautiful and free of cigarette litter.

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Fight Graffiti

With a few simple steps, you can clean up graffiti and prevent your home or business from being targeted.

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Graffiti Paint-Over

Keep your neighborhood looking nice by painting over graffiti on fire hydrants and traffic signal equipment

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Neighborhood CleanSweep

Join your neighbors and make a day of cleanup your neighborhood.

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Special Request

Not all clean up events fit into the established programs.  

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Community Garden Compost

Add nutrients and improve soil quality by adding compost to your Community Garden beds.  Compost is available for Spring planting or Fall bed preparation. 

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Last updated Feb 11, 2015