Chief Janeé Harteau

Chief Janeé Harteau joined the MPD in February of 1987 as a patrol officer and worked in the Third and Fourth Precincts. In 1998 she was promoted to sergeant and was assigned to the Narcotics, Organized Crime and Gang Units. In 2004, she was promoted to the rank of lieutenant and commanded the Crime Lab, the Licensing Unit and was a sector lieutenant in the First Precinct.

In April of 2006, she was appointed as the Inspector of the First Precinct where she has worked to formalize the SafeZone collaborative and served as the president of its board of directors until July of this year. As the First Precinct Inspector, she was a proponent of strong public/private partnerships to strengthen public safety downtown. Among those partnerships was the creation of the Block E station, the Fusion center and the Downtown Courtwatch program for which the MPD has won an international community policing award.

As Patrol Bureau commander she was responsible for all of the MPD’s 911 response personnel and the department’s emergency services units. Chief Harteau holds a bachelor’s degree in Police Science and a Master of Arts in Public Safety both from St. Mary’s University of MN. Currently, she trains law enforcement leaders for the Northwestern University’s Center for Public Safety and is on the faculty for the St. Mary’s University of MN School of Police Science. She is a graduate of the Senior Management Institute of Police and the Northwestern University Center for Public Safety’s Police and Command Staff School where she was the Franklin Kreml Leadership Award winner in 2005.

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Last updated Mar 28, 2013