Traffic Investigation Unit

The Traffic Unit is located in the Jerry Haaf Municipal Parking Ramp, 300 South 5 th Avenue, Minneapolis, MN 55415, (612) 673-2981. It is composed of two sections:

The Traffic Enforcement Section

Traffic Enforcement officers often lead the department in DWI arrests. An overlooked but important function of the Traffic Unit is its ability to uncover other crimes in the course of stopping persons for traffic offenses. Because of this, Traffic officers are often assigned to assist in patrol and enforcement in high crime CODEFOR areas. Each officer is equipped with a marked squad car, radar, laser, preliminary breath testing device and other equipment specific to their mission.

The Accident Investigation Section

Only hit and run cases with serious injuries or fatalities are investigated by the Accident Investigation Section. For information on cases of this nature, contact the Accident investigators at (612) 673-2981.

Copies of hit and run reports with or without serious injuries or fatalities may be obtained from the MPD Records Unit.

Traffic Violations

Road Rage - Rules of the Road

Last updated Sep 7, 2016