Background Investigation

The Minneapolis Police Departments Background Investigation Unit is located in Room 100 in City Hall, 350 South 5 th Street, Minneapolis, MN 55415, (612) 673-3373. It is staffed Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

The Background Investigation Unit is responsible for conducting background investigations on all individuals applying for both sworn and non-sworn employment positions with the Minneapolis Police Department and some positions with the City of Minneapolis. Background investigations are done not only to ensure quality employees but to be in compliance with the security guidelines the Minneapolis Police Department agreed upon with the FBI and the Criminal Justice Information System (CJIS) Advisory Policy Board to abide by FBI and CJIS Advisory Policy Board rules, policies, and procedures as a condition of maintaining department access to CJIS information.

In addition to Community Service Officer and Recruit Officer applicants, the Background Investigation Unit also conducts background investigations on 9-1-1 Operators, clerical pool staff, Police Support Technicians, Crime Lab staff, interns, volunteers, chaplains, and victim’s advocates.

The Background Investigation Unit also conducts background checks for Impound Lot employees, Regulatory Services Inspectors, Licenses and Consumer Service employees, City Attorney’s Office Criminal Division Prosecutors and support staff, Public Works, Minneapolis Building Commission maintenance employees, contracted tow truck drivers, Human Resources personnel with access to CJIS terminals and mechanics servicing MPD squads and radios.

The Background Investigation Unit strives to provide consistent, thorough investigations that are in compliance with Minnesota Data Practice laws. The unit is also responsible for the safe and secure storage of the completed investigations of both hired and non-hired individuals.

Last updated Apr 2, 2013