Mounted Patrol

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What does the Mounted Patrol do?

The Minneapolis Mounted Patrol Unit is highly visible and very well received by the public. It was created in 1996 with two riders and three police horses. Today the unit has 8 horses, mostly donated by private citizens. It is overseen by a downtown sector Lieutenant and one Mounted Patrol Sergeant. There are currently 22 sworn police officers who are fully trained riders.

The Mounted Patrol is a valuable asset to the community for several reasons, including the following:

"The elevated position of Mounted Officers makes them six times more visible and helps to spot and deter certain types of crime. However, there is something more that a Mounted Unit offers. The officer and horse provide a sense of protection to the citizens making use of public areas. On the streets, the Mounted Patrol officers high position, visibility and mobility enable them to deal quickly with street disturbances and traffic problems. The Mounted Patrol brings high visibility and presence connecting them to the community they serve."

Sergeant Christopher Lokke

The unit currently assists with:

The Mounted Patrol is headquartered in the First Precinct, 19 North 4 th Street, Minneapolis, MN 55401, (612) 673-3944. For additional information, please e-mail us at

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Last updated Jul 31, 2014