Community Engagement Team

The Community Engagement Team is tasked with building ties with the various ethnic communities in our city. They work to build trust and strong relationships with members of these communities.    

CET is also tasked with educating the community and the MPD on issues related to terrorism and overall police/community concerns. They can answer questions about Homeland Security issues from both officers and community members.

CET Officers can assist other officers in more complex cases such as those in which there is a language barrier. Community members can contact CET officers to offer information if and when they feel reluctant to speak to a regular officers or investigators.

They welcome your calls and questions.

Types of services offered by the Community Engagement Team:                     

Community Engagement Team (CET) Contacts:

East African CommunityOfficer Alice White612-685-0754
African American CommunityOfficer Tyrone Barze612-406-1036
Native American CommunityOfficer Collen Saunby612-406-8031
Latino Community OfficerOfficer Carlos Baires Escobar612-490-6898
Asian CommunityOfficer Kou Vang612-919-9364
Supervisors:Sgt. Donald Jach612-356-3099
 Lt. Dean Christiansen612-290-3956



Last updated Jan 12, 2015