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Disability Transfer Zones

The Transfer Zone may only be used while actively loading or unloading the disabled person and their equipment or personal items. The space cannot be used by ANYONE as a parking space, regardless of whether they have Disability License Plates or a Disability Certificate (Ordinance 478.840).


Minneapolis Traffic & Parking Services will establish a Disability Transfer Zone in front of your property if you, a relative living with you, have current Disability License Plates or a Disability certificate (Hanging Tag).

Disability Transfer Zone Signs are installed at the request of property owners. If you rent, you must get the signature of the property owner to have Disability Transfer Zone Signs installed.


Disability Transfer Signs can be installed for commercial businesses or institutions, in front of their property, if a business owner, or their employees, or patrons, possess a current Disability Plate or Disability Certificate (Hanging Tag).

Apply for a Transfer Zone

Complete the application and questionnaire and deliver it by mail or in person to:

Traffic & Parking Services
300 Border Avenue
Minneapolis, MN 55405

Residential Disability Zone Application (pdf)

Commercial Disability Zone Application (pdf)

Traffic & Parking Services will determine if the requested zone meets the City Disability Parking Policy standards and whether a Disability Transfer Zone or Parking Zone best suits the given situation.

Notify City When Transfer Zone No Longer Needed

If the person requiring a transfer zone moves, or their certificate expires and is not reissued, the property owner is responsible for notifying Traffic & Parking Services, in writing, that the transfer zone is no longer needed.

Last updated Sep 27, 2011