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Ordinance Overview

Ordinance 47.190 requires that buildings that contain at least 50,000 gross square feet that is NOT classified as residential or industrial use report their energy use. If your building has partial industrial or residential use, that portion of your floor area can be subtracted from your total

Initial compliance dates vary based on size:

For assistance and resources to help comply with the ordinance, visit the Center for Energy and Environment's Building Energy Benchmarking Ordinance site If you have questions about whether this applies to your building, contact Environmental Services at 612-673-3867 or via email

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Portfolio Manager How-To

 Buildings will useENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager to track energy use and calculate an ENERGY STAR score of 1-100, for eligible building types. Information will be submitted annually toMinneapolis Environmental Services directly through Portfolio Manager. Follow the Center for Energy and Environment's guide (pdf) for step-by-step instructions on how to enter your building's data to comply with Minneapolis' Building Energy Benchmark Ordinance. You will need to collect the following information before starting your session:


Last updated Jun 23, 2015