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Dangerous Dogs

Dangerous Animal Declarations

Under Minnesota State Statute and Minneapolis City Ordinance, domestic animals that have bitten or demonstrated aggression must be investigated to determine if that animal is a threat to the public's safety and should be declared "dangerous." MACC conducts these investigations and makes dangerous animal declarations. Declarations are determined based on the severity of the incident, including serious bites and unprovoked aggressive behavior.

There are three types of dangerous animal declarations:

Any animal that bites a person or domestic animal and/or is subject to dangerous animal proceedings may be impounded and kenneled at the MACC shelter for the duration of the quarantine and/or until compliance is met. The owner is responsible for paying all fees incurred during quarantine at the shelter.

Declared animals must comply with certain requirements to safeguard against future attacks or aggression. MACC conducts bi-annual compliance checks on all dangerous animals in Minneapolis to ensure these requirements are met.

Potentially Dangerous Animal

Owners of potentially dangerous animals must meet the following requirements:

Dangerous Animal

In addition to the requirements for potentially dangerous animals (full declaration), owners of dangerous animals must also meet the following requirements:

Destruct Order

Destruct orders are issued for the most serious incidents and for noncompliance with dangerous animal requirements.

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Last updated Aug 30, 2016