City Council

Our Plans for 2015

After a busy and successful first year in office, we are so excited to get to work on our priorities for 2015. If you see something you are passionate about that is missing, let us know! Some of the great work we did last year came directly from contact from constituents and we love hearing your ideas.

This year, we are continuing our work to expand transportation choices and make our streets safe, inviting and accessible for all users. Our goals are to:

This year, we will also continue our work to provide more housing options by working to:

Last, but not least, we will continue to work hard to support policies that protect our health and the environment, including:

And, as always, we will continue to support and welcome the opening of new businesses to our ward as well as provide excellent service to our constituents. Please get in touch anytime.

Lisa Bender
Ward 10 Council Member


Last updated May 21, 2015