About the Charges and Credits on
Your Bill Statement

Water & Sewer Billing Rates

1 water unit = 100 cubic feet or about 748 gallons. For each unit used, there is a charge of $3.53 per unit of water and $3.68 per unit of sewer.  A monthly fixed charge is billed for both water and sewer based on meter size. See Rates  The sewer rate includes the operational and maintenance costs for the sanitary sewer system.

Learn more about sewer charges.

Water Meter Codes

The following codes on your bill statement explain how the meter was read for that billing period:

Learn how meters are read.

Estimated Bills

When an actual meter reading is not obtained for your account, an estimated bill is calculated based on how much water was used at the property in the past. The department attempts to read the meter at least once every 3 months or whenever there is a change in customers. Water service may be turned off if the department is prevented from reading your meter at least once every 3 months.

If the read code on your bill is "EST," call (612) 673-1114 to schedule meter service.

Learn why your bill is estimated.

Solid Waste and Recycling Fees

Visit the Solid Waste & Recycling website for Fees and Credits.

Stormwater Utility Fee

The Stormwater Utility Fee pays for the City's current stormwater system and annual maintenance costs. This helps to prevent and correct stormwater runoff problems throughout Minneapolis.

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Learn more about Stormwater Credit

Last updated Dec 8, 2016