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Water Plumbing Release

Form also available in Español, Somaaliga, and Hmoob.


Periodically, a property's water meter needs to be replaced either because it has stopped working or is under registering water usage. The meter belongs to the City of Minneapolis but is attached at both ends to pipes belonging to the property owner. In removing and replacing the meter, there is a possibility that the pipes may fracture or leak. In accordance with Minneapolis City Ordinance 509.340, it is the property owner's responsibility to maintain and keep in good operating condition the pipe between the meter and the City's water main.
To proceed with the removal of the meter, a signature is required to relieve the City of liability should the pipes start leaking.
I agree to be bound by my electronic signature below and agree to conduct this transaction electronically:

I hereby release the City of Minneapolis Water Works from any claims for damage to the pipes and connected equipment which may occur during the changing of the water meter




Last updated Dec 16, 2015