City of Minneapolis Enterprise Policy Coversheet

Tuition Reimbursement Statement



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The City of Minneapolis does not currently have a city-wide Tuition Reimbursement policy or program. Employees are encouraged to contact their respective department for internal Tuition Reimbursement Policies.


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Effective Date: NA

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Key Words

Upward Mobility; Tuition; Tuition Reimbursement; Training


Procedures and Forms

  • Check with your department for specific procedures and guidelines.

Supporting References

Educational Partnerships

The City of Minneapolis established educational policies with Augsburg College and St. Mary's  University of Minnesota. These partnerships allow eligible employees to receive discounts on tuition. For more information read the information on the following website.

Administering Department

Human Resources


Human Resources Department - General telephone number: 612.673.3982


Last updated Sep 15, 2016