Real Estate Transactions Policy and Procedure

Lease - Policy and Procedures

Lease Policy

City as Tenant - Procedures

City as Landlord - Procedures

Acquisition - Policy and Procedures

Acquisition Policy

Operation Property - Procedures

Development Property - Procedures:

Disposition - Policy and Procedures

Disposition Policy

Excess Property - Procedures

Development Property - Procedures


For further information:

City Council approved Real Estate Ordinance Changes

Summary of changes for Council Members

Summary of changes for Department Heads

Real Estate Transaction Policy Team Members are: Shelley Roe and Ruben Acosta (City Attorney's Office), Rebecca Law, Rosanne Jones, Kristin Guild, Jayne Rizner and Elfric Porte (CPED). Please contact one of these persons if you have questions or would like to suggest changes to Real Estate Transactions policy or procedure.

Last updated Mar 27, 2012