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The purpose of performance appraisal is for a supervisor and an employee to have a candid discussion about performance expectations and actual performance. The employee's actual level of performance is compared to the expected level of performance using standards that were developed by the supervisor with input from the employee. This expected level of performance is to be derived from the department work plans that in turn reflect the City's goals and desired performance measurements. Performance measurements show what outcomes have been achieved as a result of the individual and work unit activity. The comparison of actual performance with expectations and standards serves as a basis for recognizing accomplishments and planning for improvement where deficiencies are found. Performance appraisals may also be utilized in a progressive disciplinary process to resolve continuing poor performance.


12 / 11 / 1987: Council Endorsed Date

12 / 11 / 1987: Effective Date

12 / 17 / 1999: Council Approval Date

12 / 17 / 1999: Effective Date

12 / 17 / 1999: Last Revised Date

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"performance appraisal"; "performance review"; "performance evaluation"; "employee review" ; appraisal; review; performance; "annual review"; "annual appraisal"; "performance management"; "development plan"; "employee development plan"


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