City of Minneapolis Enterprise Policy Coversheet

Ethics in Government



Applies To

  • City Council Departments
  • Boards and Commissions
  • Other: Describe: Elected and Appointed Officials, Volunteers


This comprehensive code of ethics provides an ethical guide and specific rules that reflect the ethical values of our city. It is both inspirational and a basis for disciplinary action.

The code of ethics is designed to promote high ethical standards and conduct, and to foster a healthy ethical culture throughout city government. It is a touchstone for all who work with and for the city to assist them in fulfilling their responsibilities to the people of Minneapolis.


  • 03/21/2003: Council Approval Date
  • 03/29/2003: Effective Date
  • 04/24/2009: Last Revised Date

Key Words

code of ethics; conflicts of interest; gifts; outside employment; city property; nepotism



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City Attorneys Office
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