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Discipline and Removal (Civil Service Rule 11)




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The Civil Service Commission establishes and supports disciplinary rules and procedures, which will provide for the orderly conduct of personnel management and for the protection of the safety and rights of all employees. The Commission will provide for a proper balance of the rights of employees and the obligation of City management to employ and retain only those employees who make a positive contribution to the quality of services provided to the community.


1917: Date Established

03/14/2002: Last Revised Date

Key Words

Discipline; misconduct; "substandard performance"; probation; "written reprimand"; suspension; demotion; appeal; hearing; "veteran’s preference"; "progressive discipline"; termination; discharge


Policy Review Group Approval

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Policy Document

Procedures and Forms

Supporting References (references to Labor Agreements)

Related Policies

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Administering Department

Human Resources
Director of Human Resources 612/673-2139


Civil Service Commission Support Staff



Last updated Dec 30, 2011