When should I select:

Lost Property / No Crime

Use when property has disappeared and you’re pretty sure it was not stolen. If you think it could have been taken but you have no idea by who, you may enter the report yourself online.

For example, you discover your wallet is missing while at a Minneapolis park. You’re sure you had it when you arrived but notice it’s missing when you go to pay for a snack. You’ve retraced your steps and checked with Park staff, but could not locate it.

List the wallet and contents (cash, financial cards, driver’s license, etc) as separate items in the property forms.

If there is a chance the property was taken without your permission but you didn’t see anything suspicious and have no idea about who might have taken it, note that in the ‘Incident Details’ section of the report.

Don't use E-Report if ...

you or a witness have information about a suspect (a name or even just a physical description). When there are suspects involved, please contact Minneapolis 311 to report the incident by phone.

Last updated Sep 27, 2011