Officer Stephanie Weibye

Stephanie Weibye grew up in North East Minneapolis. Officer Weibye attended high school in the city where she was able to build a relationship with the officers working in her school. After graduating high school, Stephanie was hired as an intern with the City working in the Police Department. Stephanie was later hired as a Community Service Officer while she attended college where she received an Associate Degree in Law Enforcement. After completing her degree, Stephanie was hired by the department as a Police Recruit. Upon finishing her training Officer Weibye was assigned to the First Precinct in downtown Minneapolis.

Officer Weibye is a member of the Multi-Cultural Recruitment Team for the Department. As a member of the team, Officer Weibye has traveled to many different colleges and attended many local career events in an attempt to hire quality candidates for the department. Officer Weibye is a fitness instructor for the department and recently joined the technical service team of the SWAT Unit. Officer Weibye is still assigned to the 1st Precinct in downtown Minneapolis working on the night shift. Officer Weibye enjoys the variety of different calls in this precinct and looks forward to what her future may bring in the department.

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Last updated Sep 27, 2011