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How Far Can I Walk?

Walking may not be the solution for every trip, but it is an ideal mode of travel for trips of short distance. The average walking trip in the Twin Cities metro is 1.3 miles. Since 28.7% of all trips in the metro are 2 miles or less in length, walking is often a realistic option.

Visit the website, to measure the distance of a potential trip. How far is it to your local library, business district, or school? Another website,, automatically maps these neighborhood destinations.

When you are planning your walking trip, keep in mind that the average person walks approximately 3 mph, or 20 minutes per mile. This will depend upon your physical ability, the topography, and the number of busy crossings you encounter.

In order to increase your mobility as a pedestrian, combine your trip with the bus or train. Metro Transit's transportation system is a great complement to travel on foot. Visit their website at

Last updated Oct 23, 2013