Register Your Event and/or Closing Down Your Street/Alley for Minneapolis NNO - August 1, 2017!

Registering your NNO event and applying to close your street/alley is a single online process.

Apply to register your event or to register your NNO event and apply for a block event permit to close down your street/alley.

Note: Not every street can be blocked off depending on the traffic flow. Generally, bus routes and high traffic streets cannot be used for block events.

You will need permission of 75% of your neighbors to be approved for street closure —keep their names and addresses handy in the event your permit application needs to be reviewed.

If you register by July 18 you can block your street for free. If you register from July 19 through July 26, there is a $100 fee. You will not be able to block off your street if registering after July 26.

It is free to participate in National Night Out. When you register your event, you will get free Mystery Point Passes for Nickelodeon Universe at the Mall of America.

Registration also places you on the official list of NNO events that gets distributed to police and other departments. However, there’s no guarantee police will be able to visit your event.

Last updated Feb 13, 2017