Minneapolis was #1 "National Night Out" city of 2016

National Association of Town Watch (NATW) ranked Minneapolis #1 among population centers of 300,000+ for the quality of our 2016 NNO campaign. Here are our stats from 2016:

2016 Minneapolis National Night Out 
1,246 confirmed events*
63,1763 NNO participants**
17% of the City’s population involved in NNO**
100% of residential neighborhoods participated
2,387 blocks involved in NNO**

Pre-National Night Out

1,559 events registered - 1,262 Street/Alley permits were issued

* This figure combines people who completed the online NNO survey, events visited by Minneapolis Police Department staff, and event organizers we reached by phone. It is not an estimate. The actual number of NNO events could be higher; we could not reach some people who registered. Also, some groups may have held events without registering.
** Each NNO organizer estimated the attendance and blocks involved at their own NNO event 


National Night Out activities help build and maintain Minneapolis’ extensive network of neighborhood watch block clubs by giving people an opportunity to get together with neighbors, build relationships, meet new people, discuss issues, and plan for the future.

National Night Out is more than a one-night event. Its impact lasts throughout the year because neighbors who know each other care more about their neighborhoods and do a better job of watching out and reporting crime and suspicious behavior to police.

For more information on Minneapolis’ neighborhood watch or block clubs, contact your Crime Prevention Specialist.

The National Association of Town Watch bases their ranking on a community’s overall National Night Out effort, including the quality and size of the overall campaign, law enforcement involvement, neighborhood participation and special events. For more information on the National Association of Town Watch or specifics on the awards, go to www.natw.org.

Last updated Jan 11, 2017