Minneapolis Recovers: North Side Tornado

The area struck by the May 22, 2011 tornado is home to about 7,000 properties. Of those, about 3,700 were damaged by the storm. In the year since the tornado, the City, many government and non-profit partners, and thousands of volunteers have worked together to help people get back on their feet and rebuild a stronger north Minneapolis.

Rebuilding and reinvesting

By the end of April 2012, residents and property owners had made repairs and improvements to the vast majority of properties. So far:

To learn more about the tornado recovery in north Minneapolis, see the May 2012 Tornado Recovery Update.

Is the tornado still causing you stress or anxiety? There’s help
Recovery from the tornado can be very challenging for many people, and the response or reaction can vary from individual to individual. But whatever your situation, there is help available. Families can call NorthPoint Behavioral Health at 612-543-2566 to get information about NorthPoint services or for an appointment.

Published Sep 29, 2011