Reopening Nicollet Avenue at Lake Street

The City of Minneapolis is moving forward with efforts to reopen Nicollet Avenue at Lake Street, through the site where Kmart and Jerry’s Foods currently stand. For many years, reconnecting Nicollet Avenue has been a priority for the City, and efforts are under way to find a solution to this decades-old problem. Reopening Nicollet is a major undertaking that will require strong partnerships between the public and private sectors, and this work is still in its early stages.

Why reopen Nicollet?

Nicollet Avenue was closed and between 29th Street and Lake Street in the late 1970s so two city blocks could be joined together to make way for a retail development. With that change, a significant connection was lost. Reopening Nicollet Avenue through the site would improve the neighborhood and create better driving, biking, and pedestrian experiences. It would:

What’s happening now?

The City Council has formed a staff working group that is meeting and making preparations so that when a private developer is able to reach agreements with the existing businesses, the City is poised to assist wherever possible. This working group is expanded quarterly to include representatives from the Whittier Alliance and Whittier Business Association, Lyndale Neighborhood Association, Nicollet-East Harriet Business Association, Kingfield Neighborhood, Midtown Greenway Coalition, Lake Street Council.

Below is an archive of the notes from staff working group meetings that included neighborhood representatives.

The work group has defined a project area (see this map).




Last updated Nov 3, 2015