Minneapolis area ranks high in surveys on fitness and quality of life

The Minneapolis metro area ranked third in each of two new national surveysone on physical fitness and one on quality of life. The American College of Sports Medicines 2010 Quality of Life report analyzed a number of health and economic factors in the nation’s most populous metro areas to arrive at their rankings.

The AFI report ranks the Twin Cities metro area high for the number of people involved in regular physical activity or exercise; the number of people in excellent or very good health; low unemployment; available parkland ; recreation centers; physical education classes; and having access to golf courses, bike and walking paths, park facilities, and dog parks.

The metro area ranked high in Portfolio.com’s quality of life report in part due to the residents’ median income, homeownership rate, commute time, low jobless numbers and education.

The Washington D.C. metro area was the fittest metro area in the AFI report. Boston, Minneapolis metro area, Seattle and San Francisco rounded off the top five fittest metro areas. The Portfolio.com survey listed Raleigh, N.C., Washington, D.C., Minneapolis-Saint Paul metro area, Bridgeport, Conn., and Salt Lake City, Utah as the best places in the nation to live and work in their analysis of the 67 biggest metropolitan areas.

May 25, 2010

Published May 25, 2010