Know how to handle the heat

As temperatures rise this week, the Minneapolis Department of Health and Family Support reminds folks to learn how to handle the heat. Heat-related illness happens when the body isn’t able to cool itself. Seniors, small children, and people with physical disabilities are the most vulnerable to heat-related illness, but everyone should take steps to stay safe in extreme heat.

The Minneapolis Department of Health and Family Support works closely with other local jurisdictions and the Minnesota Department of Health to help folks prepare for extreme heat events. Minneapolis has an emergency plan that is used to respond when a heat advisory or warning is called by the National Weather Service. The plan is coordinated with a metro-wide notification plan that reaches out to agencies that serve vulnerable populations.

Tips for preventing heat-related illness:

For more information on heat-related illness and how to prevent it, visit the Minnesota Department of Health’s site at and click on "staying healthy during hot weather" under "hot topics."

June 23, 2009

Published Jun 23, 2009