Study finds Minneapolis seventh least wasteful city in nation

Minneapolis has conserved and saved for another feather in its cap, thanks to the results of a study that evaluated wasteful behaviors of those people living in the nations 25 largest cities. Minneapolis scored high in several categories in " The Nalgene Least Wasteful City Study" which surveyed the cities and ranked them on 23 wasteful or non-wasteful habits, from recycling, to using public transportation, to turning off the lights when leaving the room. Minneapolis came in seventh least wasteful in the nation.

The study surveyed a U.S. Census-based sample of approximately 150 respondents from each of the 25 largest cities in the U.S. on their sustainability efforts, shopping habits, transportation, waste/non-wasteful habits, and reuse of items.

 Facts about Minneapolis from this survey include:

• Minneapolis scored the second highest in the nation in borrowing books from the library.

• Minneapolis ranked third in buying second-hand items, including clothing, electronics, and furniture.

• Minneapolis was the fourth city in using reusable containers in place of disposable food storage containers (plastic bags, tin foil, etc.), and in saving leftover food.

The study revealed that 71 percent of residents are eco-conscious, 85 percent plan on being more environmentally conscious in the future and more than a third of the respondents think that the city is on the right track to becoming more environmentally responsible.

Minneapolis is considered one of the most environmentally friendly cities in the country, and the City has long been a leader in America’s Least Wasteful Cities" site.

April 1, 2009

Published Apr 1, 2009