Safeguard your home to have a worry-free spring vacation

With spring break just around the corner, many people are busy planning their vacations and preparing to leave Minneapolis. Minneapolis Police want to remind vacationers to take a few minutes to secure their homes so that they can have a worry-free vacation.

Most burglaries are a crime of opportunity, committed by amateurs, and unoccupied homes are a tempting target. So your best protection is to make your home appear occupied and to make it difficult to break in to. Follow these simple, easy-to-follow tips as a checklist to help protect your home against break-ins and theft while you’re away.

For more ideas to secure your home while youre away or for information about how to enroll in Operation ID, contact your police precincts Crime Prevention Specialist by visiting the Police website. Click on Precinct Finder and CCP/SAFE Team links.

Remember, as always, remind your neighbors to call 911 immediately to report any suspicious activity.

Published Mar 11, 2008