Location and General Characteristics

Located in northwest Minneapolis, the Webber-Camden neighborhood gets its name from Webber Park and Webber Parkway, which were both named after Charles C. Webber, who donated a portion of the land for the park. Webber-Camden was also named after Camden, New Jersey. In March 1995 the City Planning Commission approved a change to the neighborhood's northern boundary from Webber Parkway to the railroad tracks, beginning at Highway 52, and then south on 45 th Avenue back to Webber Parkway. The changes did not affect any residential or commercial buildings and did not affect the data used in this report. Today Webber-Camden extends from Interstate 94 on the north. In 1995 the neighborhood added "Webber" to the original name "Camden," changing the name to "Webber-Camden." The neighborhood has industrial zones and a mix of middle-class and working-class homes. Webber Park connects to the Mississippi River, perhaps the area's most prominent feature, to the east.

The Camden Clinic was built in part with Neighborhood Revitalization Program funds. The large marquee letters come from the old Camden Theater, a neighborhood landmark/gateway that used to be near the site of the current clinic.

Last updated Sep 27, 2011