In 1999, 17 percent of the people in St. Anthony East and in all of Minneapolis lived in poverty. This marked a decrease for both from their percentages 10 years earlier. However, because the neighborhood was at a higher 23 percent in 1989, its decline was more dramatic than the city's. In 1979 and 1989, a higher percentage of people lived in poverty in the neighborhood than in the city.

The percentage of the senior population living in poverty was much higher in St. Anthony East than citywide. In 1979, 35 percent of that population was below the poverty level compared to 13 percent citywide. Even when the neighborhood percentage dropped substantially in following census periods, it remained higher than the citywide rates.

The proportion of families below the poverty level in St. Anthony East was at a low of 6 percent in 1979, rose to a high of 15 percent in 1989 and dropped sharply to 7 percent in 1999. In the same period, the citywide proportion increased from 9 percent to 12 percent.

The neighborhood and citywide trends for families with children were similar to the trends for families in general, but with higher percentages. The neighborhood had lower rates in 1979 and 1999 than the city had, but it jumped to a higher level in 1989. In that year, 32 percent of the families with children in the neighborhood were below the poverty level compared to 24 percent in the city.

Last updated Sep 27, 2011