Location and General Characteristics

Marcy-Holmes neighborhood, on the east bank of the Mississippi River, is named for William L. Marcy, an American statesman and secretary of state born in 1786 and Oliver Wendell Holmes, an American poet, essayist and novelist born in 1819. The neighborhood lies across the Mississippi River from downtown. The University of Minnesota formsĀ its east boundary, and the west border of the neighborhood is the East Hennepin/Central Avenue commercial area.

In 1993 the City Council approved a change in boundaries. Two blocks that were previously within the University of Minnesota neighborhood were reassigned to Marcy-Holmes. These two blocks, bound by University Avenue SE, 11 th Avenue SE, Second Street SE and I-35 W, include Florence Court, a historic landmark of nine brick townhouses, which had 47 households in 1990.

Marcy-Holmes is home to Dinkytown, which includes many businesses tailored to the nearby University of Minnesota. The neighborhood also provides housing to many students attending the University of Minnesota.

One of the 23 sculptures by artist Aldo Moroni of Marcy-Holmes landmarks

Last updated Sep 27, 2011