Location and General Characteristics

Lind-Bohanon, on Minneapolis' far north side, is bounded on the north by 53rd Avenue North (the city's boundary with Brooklyn Center) and extends east to the Mississippi River. An industrial area eventually comes between Lind-Bohanon and the river, causing the neighborhood's eastern border to shift at 48 th Avenue North to Lyndale Avenue North. This border extends south to the Canadian Pacific Railway tracks. On the west, the neighborhood's boundary is Humboldt Avenue North. Lind-Bohanon covers more than 500 acres and is smaller than one square mile. The neighborhood and its elementary school are named for Jenny Lind, a famous Swedish soprano born in the first half of the 19 th century. The neighborhood has a low resident turnover rate, with some families residing there for two or three generations. The homes are generally modestly priced compared to the rest of Minneapolis.

The entrance to the neighborhood is located at 49 th
Street and Lyndale Avenue N.

Last updated Sep 27, 2011