The average household size in Folwell is larger than the city average, and between 1990 and 2000 it jumped from 2.4 people per household to 3.1. Although the citywide average increased in the same period, it did not rise as dramatically as the neighborhood average.

Folwell households were large in 2000, but the number of them shrank from the 1990 levels. In 1990 there were 2,091 households, while in 2000 there were 2,045. Family households were the majority, and there were six more of them in 2000 than in 1980, and 101 more in 2000 than in 1990. Households of unrelated people and people living alone under the age of 65 also tended to increase. The number of senior people living alone decreased, following the patterns of the total decreasing senior population.

A smaller percentage of householders live alone in the neighborhood than citywide. In 2000, 25 percent of Folwell householders lived alone and 40 percent did citywide. In 2000 the proportion in the neighborhood was smaller than in 1990, when 32 percent of householders lived alone.

The proportion of Folwell's population 65 and over living alone increased since 1980. In 1980, only 36 percent of the senior population lived alone in the neighborhood, while they were 40 percent in 2000. In the city the opposite trend took place: the proportion of the senior population living alone decreased from 1980 to 2000.

The proportion of families with children in the neighborhood grew dramatically from 1980 to 2000, surpassing the citywide proportion. In 1980, 44 percent of the families in Folwell had children under 18, compared to 45 percent in the city. In 2000 the relation was the opposite; 62 percent of the families in Folwell had at least one child under 18, while in the city 50 percent did.

Last updated Sep 27, 2011