Location and General Characteristics

The Ericsson neighborhood in southeast Minneapolis is bound on the north by 42 nd and 43 rd streets, on the east by Hiawatha Avenue, on the south by Minnehaha Parkway and on the west by Cedar Avenue. It takes its name from John Ericsson, a Swedish engineer and inventor who designed and built the U.S.S. Monitor for the United States Navy during the Civil War. This is a residential neighborhood with mainly single-family housing units. The western half of the neighborhood is dominated by recreational land. Lake Hiawatha Park and Lake Hiawatha Golf Course are two of the most significant recreational sites. Minnehaha Creek also runs west to east through the southern portion of the neighborhood.

Lake Hiawatha to the north of Lake Nokomis is connected to the Chain of Lakes by Minnehaha Creek, which runs west to Lake Harriet and east to the Mississippi River.

Last updated Sep 27, 2011