Historically, Elliot Park's average household size has been lower than the city mean. This remained true in 2000, when the neighborhood averaged 1.6 people per household versus 2.3 people per household for all of Minneapolis.

While a majority of all Elliot Park residents are living alone, the number of family households in the neighborhood grew from 1980 to 2000. At the same time, the number of households with residents 65 years of age and older living alone dropped and the number of non-elderly individuals living alone climbed. The 1990s saw a large spike in households with unrelated residents in Elliot Park, but only modest gains in this demographic the following decade.

The percent of householders living alone has been substantially higher in Elliot Park than all of Minneapolis. In 2000, 68 percent of Elliot Park's residents lived alone, while only 40 percent of residents citywide did so. However, this discrepancy is decreasing from its high of 75 percent in 1980.

Despite registering a decrease in its overall elderly population, Elliot Park maintains a high percentage of seniors living alone. This proportion, which has increased since 1980, is significantly higher than the percentage citywide. At 58 percent, Elliot Park had a substantially higher percentage of households with people 65 and older living alone in 2000 than the citywide average of 37 percent.

Back in 1980, Elliot Park had a higher proportion of families with children than all of Minneapolis did. That changed a decade later, when the neighborhood's percentage fell five points to 42 percent – seven points below the citywide proportion. That gap narrowed in 2000, when half of all families in Minneapolis were found to have children compared to Elliot Park's 45 percent.

Elliot Park's population rapidly grew from 1980 to 2000, with growth in both the number of people living in households and in group quarters during that time. In 2000 more than a third of the total Elliot Park population lived in group quarters in comparison with 5 percent citywide.

Last updated Sep 27, 2011