The average household size in Bottineau increased between 1980 and 2000, a little surpassing the citywide average. The figures for 2000 for Bottineau and Minneapolis are 2.28 and 2.25 people per household respectively.

Only two household types experienced increases in Bottineau between 1980 and 2000: ones with lone residents under 65, and ones with unrelated people living together. These groups increased by 61 percent and 18 percent respectively. Family households made up 52 percent of households in 1980, 54 percent in 1990 and 48 percent in 2000.

The percentage of all householders living alone in Bottineau was at its highest in 1980 with 41 percent. The percentage decreased in 1990 to 39 percent, and then rose slightly to 40 percent in 2000.

The percentage of seniors living alone in Bottineau has been on average 27 percent higher than the citywide figure between 1980 and 2000. The neighborhood level has been at around 49 percent during this time period, compared to an average of 38 percent for Minneapolis.

The percentage of families with children under 18 in Bottineau and Minneapolis was at 45 percent in 1980. From this point the citywide figure outpaced that of the neighborhood. In 2000 Bottineau's percentage of families with people under 18 was 46 percent compared to the citywide figure of 50 percent.

Last updated Sep 27, 2011