Mayor's Office

350 S. 5th St., Room 331
Minneapolis, MN 55415
Phone: (612) 673-2100

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2017 Budget Address: "Foundational Investments to Build a 21st Century City" (August 10, 2016)

2016 State of the City: "The Deep Truths of Minneapolis" (May 17, 2016)

2016 Budget Address: "Transforming the Basics of the 21st-Century City"

2015 State of the City: "We can't do this without you, Minneapolis" (Apr 2, 2015)

2015 Budget Address: “Show me your budget, and I’ll tell you what you value” (Aug 14, 2014)

2014 State of the City: Three Questions and a Brag (Apr 24, 2014)

More than Great: Mayor Betsy Hodges’ Inaugural Address (Jan 6, 2014)

Last updated Aug 11, 2016