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The Best Week of Bragging About Minneapolis Ever

July 14-20

In her State of the City address, Mayor Betsy Hodges said "we can't afford to be modest." She announced that July 14-20 would be "The Best Week of Bragging About Minneapolis Ever." She's inviting everyone to join her for a week where we shed our modesty and practice shouting to the rooftops about how great our city and the people in it are. You can read more about Bragging Week in an op-ed Mayor Hodges wrote for MinnPost.


Bragging Week Themes

Monday, July 14                       Innovative Minneapolis

Tuesday, July 15                      Move Minneapolis

Wednesday, July 16                 Creative Minneapolis

Thursday, July 17                     One Minneapolis

Friday, July 18                          Sustainable Minneapolis

Saturday, July 19                      City by Nature

Sunday, July 20                        Bikes!


Mayor's Bragging Challenge

As we celebrate Bragging Week, we encourage people to enjoy all the things Minneapolis has to offer. In the list below is a sampling of great things to do and places to enjoy throughout the city. Some of them are specific, while others ask you to pick your favorite destination on a topic. We invite everyone to do as many items as possible on this list during bragging week, from July 14 through July 20. As you do them, take a picture and share it on Facebook or Twitter, using the #bragmpls. You can also send it to the mayor’s office so we can collect and share all of the images, by emailing

For the competitive types, take the Mayor's Bragging Challenge to the extreme. Try to complete as many of the items on the list as possible – maybe even all of them! – sharing pictures of each item on social media as you do them. You can do this as an individual or as a team, with up to 10 people on your team. 

The prize? Lunch with Betsy

The team that completes the most items and the individual that completes the most items will each enjoy their own lunch with Mayor Hodges. Should we have a tie or multiple winners completing all of the items, we will enter each team/individual into a drawing and draw a winner from that pool.

  1. Rooftop patio
  2. A farmer’s market
  3. Brunch at your favorite restaurant
  4. Visit your favorite brewpub
  5. Play a round of golf at Theodore Wirth
  6. Enjoy a show at Minneapolis Music and Movies in the Parks
  7. Lawn bowling or bocce ball at your favorite spot
  8. Visit a museum
  9. Visit favorite donut shop
  10. Visit a community garden
  11. Take your kids to a wading pool/playground at a Minneapolis park
  12. Outdoor yoga by the lakes
  13. Take a picture outside your Minneapolis grade school, HS or college alma mater (or wearing a shirt with the logo)
  14. Visit a dog park
  15. Take a picture of your favorite view of the Minneapolis skyline
  16. Use a Nice Ride bike to ride along the Midtown Greenway or the Grand Rounds
  17. Take a pic of the marquee of your favorite theater (movie or stage)
  18. Get a cone or cup at your favorite ice cream shop
  19. Kayak/canoe/paddleboard/boat on Chain of Lakes (just one lake from chain will suffice)
  20. Eat a Jucy Lucy/Juicy Lucy (your favorite Minneapolis or Saint Paul location)
  21. Slide down the water slide at North Commons Park
  22. Ride the trolley near Lake Harriet
  23. Ride the new Green Line from end to end
  24. Ride the Blue Line from end to end
  25. Walk across Stone Arch Bridge
  26. Visit the WWI memorial along Victory Memorial Parkway
  27. Spoonbridge and cherry at the Sculpture Garden
  28. Visit City Hall – take pictures with Father of Waters and Hubert Humphrey statues
  29. Watch the MLB All-Star Game parade –OR– visit FanFest at the Convention Center
  30. Take a picture next to the Mary Tyler Moore statue (extra points for throwing your hat in the air)
  31. Take a picture with your favorite “star” at First Ave
  32. Japanese gardens at Lake Harriet
  33. Visit Minnehaha Park
  34. Get popcorn at Riverview Theater
  35. Mercado Central
  36. All My Relations Art gallery
  37. Take a picture with one of the murals on West Broadway
  38. Historical marker on the east side of Lake Calhoun that pays homage to Indigenous nations
  39. Visit three establishments on Central Avenue
  40. Somali Museum on East Lake Street
  41. Hosmer Library –OR– North Central Library
  42. Get copies of four local publications, from the following list: Insight News, The Circle, the Spokesman Recorder, Hmong Times, Hmong Today, Asian American Press, Asian Pages, La Conexion Latina, La Expression de Minnesota, La Matraca, Hispanic Tiempo, and La Prensa
  43. MLK Park
  44. Visit the mural of community leaders on the Greenway under the bridge at 4th Street
  45. Brackett park rocket
  46. Witch’s Hat Water Tower/Prospect Park Water Tower
  47. Visit three skyway establishments
  48. Visit three establishments along West Broadway –OR– the Lowry Avenue Corridor
  49. Sing karaoke at your favorite karaoke bar
  50. Take a picture with the bronze bunny at Portland and Minnehaha
  51. Get a picture taken at the flower bus shelter on the corner by the Northside Achievement Zone
  52. Take a picture by the Surly Brewery under construction
  53. Eat lunch at a food truck
  54. Take a picture with the Eastside Guardian statue outside the Second Precinct Police Station
  55. Visit Deming Heights Park, the highest elevation point of Minneapolis
  56. Walk or bike across the Martin Olav Sabo Bridge
  57. Take a picture in front of the Ritz Theatre
  58. Thank a Downtown Improvement District Ambassador
  59. Visit the Balancing Ground art installation outside the Convention Center
  60. Have breakfast on Glenwood Avenue


Catch Mayor Hodges on the radio talking about Bragging Week

Mayor Hodges will be on the radio all week long talking about Bragging Week. Click here to see the full schedule of what stations she'll be on and when.

Join Mayor Hodges at a number of opportunities to celebrate Bragging Week


Click here to see the full list of activities Mayor Hodges will be participating in as part of Bragging Week - we invite you to join!


Tell us what we should be bragging about


Help us compile a list of everything we have to brag about! What do you think Minneapolis has to offer that no other place does? What do you love about living here? What's your favorite thing to do? Help us put together a comprehensive list of everything we should be bragging about.  You can also your submit suggestions on our Facebook page.



Last updated Jul 14, 2014