Mayor Betsy Hodges Statement on Youth Homicide
June 2, 2014 (MINNEAPOLIS) — In response to the June 1, 2014 shooting death of 17-year-old Nehemiah Steverson, Mayor Betsy Hodges released the following statement:
“Today as a community we mourn the death of Nehemiah Steverson. He was killed this weekend, the victim of gun violence. I offer my heartfelt condolences to his family, friends and all who knew him.
“Today, Nehemiah should be in school at Edison. He should be sitting with his classmates and friends, learning from his teachers and mentors. Instead, his family and friends, neighbors, classmates and teachers face grief, sorrow, and an aching loss. As a community we are once again diminished by the senseless death of one of our own.
“As a people we cannot tolerate senseless violence. One death is too many and certainly Nehemiah’s death is too many.
“I am working with MPD to find those responsible for this death. I continue to work with the community to build on the successes of our Blueprint to End Youth Violence. It will not bring back Nehemiah or any of the young people who have died, but it may help give meaning to those losses by spurring us to prevent any more. Until then, we grieve.”

Published Jun 2, 2014