Mayor Betsy Hodges: “President Obama is our greatest partner in reducing inequality”
Mayor Hodges attends State of the Union address at U.S. Capitol
January 28, 2014 (MINNEAPOLIS) — Mayor Betsy Hodges, who attended the State of the Union address Tuesday night, sitting in the gallery of the House of Representatives as the guest of Rep. Keith Ellison, issued the following statement:
“Tonight’s State of the Union was a strong statement of the agenda that President Obama, Representative Ellison and I share: that we must reduce the growing inequality that hurts our country, and end the gaps that separate communities from each other.
“As much as it was an honor for me to be present, thanks to Representative Ellison’s invitation, I was inspired by the presence of Punch Pizza founder and co-owner John Soranno and kitchen worker Nick Chute, whom the President called out for their success in offering a great product while paying their workers greater than the current minimum wage. It’s another reminder that when we invest in each other’s success, our communities thrive.
“For mayors across America, President Obama is our greatest partner. He knows that given the gridlock in Congress, cities are where we can make progress on the goal of reducing inequality. I thank him for his partnership and look forward to continuing to work with his Administration to advance our common goals.”

Published Jan 28, 2014