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Business Licenses

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What’s new at Business Licenses?

LINC Meeting:  September 17, 2014
New Location:  612 Brew, 945 Broadway St NE

Tree Servicing Public Hearing - September 23, 2014 related to ISA Certification.

Eliminating Food/Alcohol Sales Ratios
Policy Makers focus on modernizing regulations for businesses with alcohol licenses.

New License Applications:
     Transportation Network Companies License Application and Requirements from MCO 343
     Donation Collection Bins License Application
     Cocktail Room License Application

Planning a Special Event this Summer?
Applications and a List of Required Permits are available. 

Licenses for Food Sales - Summer 2014
Staff is accepting applications for the following seasonal licenses:

Copies of the Event Food Booth Self-Evaluation Form and Event Sponsoring Form are available.  If you are interested in a Sidewalk Food Cart on the Nicollet Mall, Approved Locations are listed. Questions? See our FAQs.

Massage and Bodywork Establishments
Effective July 1, 2014, all Massage and Bodywork Establishments, including businesses with multiple staffsingle operators and home-based, are required to have a business license.  Questions? Contact Lead License Inspector Michele Harvet at 612-673-5484 or

Meet our Staff
Business Licenses Inspectors schedule meetings throughout the year to discuss issues with neighborhood groups and members of the business community. A schedule of meeting dates is available for the Business Advisory Committee, LINC (Liquor Industry & the City) and Taxi Representatives.

Business License Information Program (BLIP)
Brochures and videos for business owners, license applicants, and customers are available in our electronic library. Topics include hailing a taxi, hiring a contractor, hosting a catered event, and more. Information is also available in Español, Hmoob, and Soomaaliga. No library card required.

Working to ensure the safety, health, and livability of our community through regulation, enforcement and education. 

Information in Other Languages: Yog xav paub ntau tshaj no, hu (612) 673-2800. Macluumaad dheeri ah, kala soo xiriir (612) 673-3500. Para mas información llame al (612) 673-2700.



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