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Liquor License Applications

For applications, fees, and other information click on the type of license:

The following are PDFs.

Amending Business Plan

Cocktail Room

Corporate Stock Purchase

Downgrading Entertainment

Expansion of Premises – Permanent

Internal Transfer of Shares - Liquor or Beer 

Internal Transfer of Shares - Wine

Liquor Catering Application

Liquor Catering Notification Form


New Corporate Officer

New Manager

New Shareholder - Liquor or Beer 

New Shareholder - Wine  

Off Sale 3.2 Beer

Off Sale Liquor

Off Sale Malt Liquor (Growler)

On Sale 3.2 Beer

On Sale Liquor

On Sale Wine

Special Late Night Food

Special All Night Bowling, Pool or Billiards


Temporary Expansion of License

Temporary On Sale 3.2 Beer

Temporary On Sale Liquor

Temporary On Sale Wine

Upgrade of License (Entertainment)

Other Information about Liquor Licensing

Federal Tax ID Number

Federal Tax Stamp

Forms for Registering a Doing Business As (Assumed) Name

Minnesota Buyers Card Application

Minnesota Off Sale Liquor Application

Minnesota On Sale Liquor Application

Minnesota On Sale Wine Application

Personal Supplemental Affidavit

Off-Sale Liquor Establishments Zoning Map (pdf) (open in Chrome)

Sample Notification Letter (word)

Source of Funds Document 

State Sales Tax ID Tax Number

Last updated Nov 2, 2016