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How to Apply for a City Job Online

Before you can apply for a job, you must register. See How to Log In for details on how to register to use our online application.

Create a Profile

Your profile contains personal information about you, such as your name, address, phone numbers, and e-mail addresses.

We strongly encourage you to provide an e-mail address in your Profile. You may obtain a free e-mail account from several websites (e.g. or

To create or update your profile in advance of applying for jobs, you must first register to use the online application. Then click the "My Profile" link in the My Careers Tools box. Note: This is optional, because once you select one or more jobs and click Apply for Jobs, the system will lead you through the profile as part of the application process.

Within your Profile, the information you see will always include your most recently saved changes. Changes are saved whenever you edit your profile or any application and click Continue, Save as Draft, or Submit. Your application is not received by Human Resources for consideration until you click the Submit button.

We do not store history of your Profile changes. If you change your e-mail address or mailing address, we will use the new information for all communications.

Applying for a Job

Select the checkbox to the left of the Job Opening you are interested in and press "Apply Now". You can apply for multiple Job Openings at the same time.

Please read the job posting descriptions carefully, as they will state the educational, work experience and licensure requirements.

Describe your education, work experience, and how you meet the job’s requirements as completely as possible. For example, a job posting for an entry-level clerical position might list its duties and requirements as follows:

In your application, you should fully explain how the duties of your previous work experience, training and education have been similar to the duties of the clerical position you are applying for.

Add Education, Experience, and References

Complete all relevant fields on the Education and Work Experience page. You can find values by selecting the look-up prompts or clicking on the drop-down arrows. To save time when entering prior work experience duties, you can copy and paste this information from another document into the online application.

Add your references, select your referral source, and answer any Job Opening questions on the Referral Information page.

Save an Application and Complete it Later

You can save your application as a draft at any time by clicking on the "Save as Draft" button. Make sure you do this often so you don’t lose any information. If you click the "Logout" link, close the application, or close your browser before clicking Save, the information you entered will be lost. If you click the "Logout" link, you will return to the Careers page. If you saved your partially completed application, you will still be able to edit your information prior to submitting it.

Review Your Submitted Applications

You can view applications that you previously submitted by clicking the "Applications" link in the My Career Tools box on the Careers page. Using the drop-down list, you can choose to display applications only within a specified timeframe or to display all applications. Click the Refresh button after choosing your option. Use the small links on the right side to move back or forward through your list, or click View All.

For each job you applied for:

If you applied for several jobs at once, you will see the same date and time for each job — all these links go to the same application.

Editing Draft Applications

Click on your draft application from the "Applications" link in the Career Tools area to finish and submit it. Do not let the job posting expire before submitting your application. You will not be able to submit a draft application if the job opening is no longer open.

Finalize Your Application

You must press the "Submit" button when your application is complete, or it will not be received for consideration by Human Resources – it will still be only a draft application. Human Resources will not take any action on applications in a Draft status. Upon clicking Submit, you will see a section to complete your Self-Identification information and a section with the City’s Terms and Agreements on it. You must agree to the Terms and Agreements before your application will be accepted.

Last updated Sep 27, 2011