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Health and Dependent Care Reimbursement
(HRA/VEBA and Minneflex Accounts) 

HRA/VEBA Accounts

The City has established a health reimbursement arrangement plan (HRA) that provides tax-free reimbursement of eligible health care expenses not paid by other insurance. Plan benefits are funded using a voluntary employees’ beneficiary association trust or VEBA. Unused funds in members’ accounts are carried over from year to year to build for future expenses while earning tax-free interest.

Your employer makes HRA/VEBA contributions to employees who enroll in the City of Minneapolis Medical Plan. HRA/VEBA contributions vary based on whether you choose single or family coverage. The monthly amounts are: $90.00 – single coverage, $190.00 – family coverage. 

Eligible Expenses

Generally, this account can be used to pay for eligible health care expenses incurred by yourself, your spouse or your eligible dependents after you enroll in the City of Minneapolis Medical Plan. To be eligible for reimbursement from this account:

Only retired participants from the City of Minneapolis can use HRA funds to pay for health insurance premiums, including premiums for Medicare, individual health plans, and COBRA continuation coverage.

Examples of eligible expenses are medical, prescription drug, dental, vision and qualified long-term care expenses including deductions, co-payments, and co-insurance amounts you pay under the City’s medical and dental plans.  For a listing of items typically covered by an HRA, review the list of HRA Eligible Health Care Expenses

Note: If you elect to participate in the Minneflex health care spending account, eligible expenses are paid from that account before they can be paid from your HRA/VEBA account.

Flexible Spending Accounts (Minneflex Accounts)

The City of Minneapolis Minneflex Plan has two types of accounts. The health care spending account allows eligible employees to pay for certain health care expenses with tax free dollars. Similarly, the dependent care spending account allows eligible employees to pay for certain dependent day care expenses with pre-tax dollars.


If you are eligible to participate, you must decide each year how much you want to contribute to a spending account for the next year. The annual limit for contributions to your Minneflex health care spending account is $2,600 for 2017.  For the Minneflex dependent care account, you can contribute up to $5,000 per family.  These limits are determined by the federal government. 

You cannot change or discontinue your contributions mid-year except as appropriate in the event of a change of status (such as your marriage or divorce, birth of a child, etc.).

Beginning with the 2016 plan year, any unspent funds greater than $25 but less than or equal to $500 that remain in your health care FSA at the end of 2016 will be carried over to the 2017 plan year. This carryover feature does not apply to the dependent care FSA. In addition, your entire 2015 health care FSA contribution was still subject to the "use it or lose it" rule.

Claims and Balance Information for HRA/VEBA and Minneflex Accounts

How to access funds from your FSA and HRA/VEBA accounts:

To submit a paper claim form for reimbursement, use the WageWorks Pay Me Back form for health care expenses and the WageWorks Pay Me Back form - Dependent Care for dependent care expenses.

Minneflex Summary Description

HRA/VEBA Summary Description

Last updated Oct 26, 2016