Pension Plans

The majority of City employees are required by State law to participate in pension plans administered by the Public Employees Retirement Association (PERA). These plans provide pension, disability and survivor benefits that are based on your earnings history and covered service (with the City and with other public employers). You and the City both contribute a percentage of your pay to fund future benefits. Contribution rates are set by State law and change periodically to reflect changes in benefits and funding needs.

You must contact PERA directly at (651) 296-7460. This PERA website guide discusses how to get personalized information at Public Employees Retirement Association of MN.

Eligible members of the PERA Coordinated Plan may enter Phased Retirement and begin to receive a PERA pension without separating from service as long as they agree to reduce hours worked and to retire at the end of the phased retirement period.

Closed Pension Plans

City employees may, instead, participate in a pension plan that is closed to new members. For questions about these plans, please see the contact information below.

Supplemental Union Plans

Certain union-represented employees participate in supplemental, union sponsored pension plans. Contact information for those plans is listed below:

Last updated Jun 20, 2016