Leaves of Absence

The City of Minneapolis recognizes many types of leaves of absence. Eligibility requirements and/or the approval processes to receive the leave(s) do vary. Please talk to your immediate supervisor or consult Civil Service Rules 14 and 15 or the applicable Labor Agreement for further information.

Budgetary Leave

Strictly, voluntary, unpaid leave that is granted to employees upon department approval in order to reduce departmental expenses. The maximum amount of leave available under this category is 90 days per year. For more information on Budgetary Leave, please see Budgetary Leave Guidelines.

Medical or Disability Leave for Self

Unpaid leave granted to obtain treatment for and recover from a temporary illness, disability, maternity or other health condition of an employee properly verified by a medical authority.

Leave to Serve in an Elected, Appointed (Unclassified), or Other Position

Unpaid leave from classified service which is granted to an employee so that he or she may serve in an elected or appointed position, or to serve temporarily in a position with another employer where such employment is in the best interests of the City.

Paid Parental Leave

Leave of absence with pay provided to eligible employees following the birth or adoption of a child.

Educational Leave

Unpaid leave granted to an employee, upon department approval, to pursue educational opportunities that benefit the employee in seeking advancement opportunities in the City or to perform their job duties more effectively.

Personal Leave

Unpaid leave granted to an employee upon department approval for personal convenience when reasons are other than those that qualify for other available types of leave.

Pregnancy and Parenting Leave

Leave granted to an employee following the natural birth or adoption of a child. This type of leave is unpaid unless an employee elects to use accumulated leave time. For additional information see Minnesota Statute 181.941.

Family and Medical Leave

Leave available for the serious illness of an employee, or his or her child, parent, or spouse; or leave for the birth, adoption, or foster placement of a child. Federal law provides that this leave must be granted to an employee if he or she meets the eligibility and documentation requirements as indicated in the law. (City Council department policy extends the leave eligibility to care for a registered domestic partner.) The maximum amount of leave under this category is 12 weeks per year. For more information on Family and Medical Leave, please see the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA 1993).

Military Leave

Pursuant to State law, employees are eligible to paid or unpaid leave to serve in the armed forces of the United States. The maximum amount of paid leave under this category is 15 work days per year.

Olympic Competition Leave

Under Minnesota State Law, a City employee is entitled to paid leave to participate as a qualified member of the United States Olympic Team for an athletic competition in a sport sanctioned by the International Olympic Committee, for the official training camp and competition combined, or 90 calendar days a year, whichever is less.

Bone Marrow Donor’s Leave

Under Minnesota State Law, a qualified City employee, either probationary or permanent, who seeks to undergo a medical procedure to donate bone marrow is entitled to up to 40 hours of paid leave for this purpose. Only Medical Verification is REQUIRED for this leave.

Religious Holiday Leave

Under Civil Service Rules, leave of absence for religious holidays must be granted by the Department Head and may be charged to vacation, granted in lieu of overtime the employee may have worked, or the employee may be allowed to work on some regular off day in order to take the religious holiday off with pay. City policy requires that employees must notify their supervisors at least 10 calendar days in advance of such leave; however, supervisors may waive this 10-day requirement if he or she determines that the employee's absence will not substantially interfere with the department's operations. A Leave of Absence form is NOT required.

Jury Duty

Under Civil Service Rules, an employee in the classified service, whether probationary or permanent, who serves as a juror will be granted leave with pay while serving on jury duty. Employee must refund to the City any fees received for serving as a juror in order to be eligible for this paid leave. A Leave of Absence form is NOT required.

Funeral Leave

Classified City employees, both probationary and permanent, are eligible under Civil Service Rules and/or Collective Bargaining agreements for up to three days of leave with pay to attend the funeral of designated family members. The number of days may vary depending on labor  agreements and/or Civil Service Rules.

School Conference and Activities Leave

Up to 16 hours of leave will be provided to attend conferences or activities to include child care, nursery schools, daycare, and extended school day programs of their children that cannot be scheduled during non-work hours. This type of leave is unpaid unless an employee elects to use accumulated leave time. For additional information see Minnesota Statute 181.9412.

Union Leave

Leave of absence without pay to serve in an elective or appointed position in a labor organization whose jurisdiction covers City or independent board employees are granted pursuant to applicable State Statute. Upon return to active employment, such employees shall be credited for time served on Union leave only for purposes of determining the amount of vacation to which they are entitled each year thereafter and for the further purpose of calculating longevity pay.

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