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Crystal Meth Awareness Poster Campaign

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Stop Hurting Yourself (pdf)

Support without judgment

The Minneapolis Health Department (MHD) has initiated a crystal meth (methamphetamine) public health awareness campaign. The purpose behind the poster campaign is to increase awareness about a website dedicated to providing information, resources, and support for gay and bisexual men dealing with the issues of crystal meth use. The Hennepin County Public Health Clinic with Red Door Clinical Services, Minnesota AIDS Project (MAP), and Access Works received a local grant to develop the website.

The target audience for the poster campaign includes gay and bisexual men who are current or potential meth users, friends of meth users, and the GLBT (Gay, Lesbian, Bi-sexual, Transgender) community as a whole. The posters will be placed in gay bars, GLBT-friendly coffee houses, and local GLBT agencies.

Most of the posters being used were developed in New York by the Crystal Meth Working Group– NYC. The NYC group allowed MHD to adapt the campaign to include changes specific to Crystalclearmn.org. Two other posters, which were developed locally, will also be used.

MHD worked with MAP and Red Door Clinic on this poster campaign, as well as many community organizations and agencies working on HIV/AIDS, sexually transmitted diseases, and GLBT health. Through their input, MHD was able to fashion the current campaign. Much thanks goes to all those who offered their assistance and guidance.

Although crystal meth is not a new drug, there has been concern about its use among gay and bisexual men, especially as it relates to contracting HIV. Crystal meth data specific to Minneapolis is difficult to obtain.  There is still great need for information about meth in the GLBT community, and much community concern.

For posters, please contact the Minneapolis Health Department at (612) 673-2301 or health@minneapolismn.gov



Last updated Jan 24, 2014