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Healthy Corner Stores

Cedar Food Store
Cedar Food and Grill offers a wide variety of fresh, healthy foods to customers in South Minneapolis.

Are you an owner of a Minneapolis store wanting to offer healthier products to your customers? Are you a customer of a store wanting to see healthier options? We will show store owners how to sell healthy foods and make a profit!

The Minneapolis Healthy Corner Store Program is currently accepting applications for 2014-2015! Health Department staff will work with 10 stores highly motivated to offer healthy options to their customers by making changes to merchandising, display, and inventory of healthy foods such as fresh produce, healthy beverages, and low-fat items.

Who is eligible to apply:

See the Corner Store Application Brochure for more information. To apply, download the Corner Store Owner Application and return to the Health Department for your store to be considered. We look forward to hearing from you!


Intervention Description:

The Minneapolis Healthy Corner Store initiative supports store owners in making fresh produce and healthy foods more visible, affordable, and attractive to neighborhood residents. In 2009, as part of a larger initiative to better understand the healthy food environment in North Minneapolis, the Minneapolis Health Department (MHD) developed and conducted an assessment of corner stores to determine the availability, quality, and affordability of produce and healthy foods. Based on the assessment results, MHD developed the Minneapolis Healthy Corner Store Program. In the first phase, the goal was to work with 10 stores and identify the core components of the program along with recommendations for expansion in future years. Currently, MHD works with 29 stores to provide:

To accomplish this expanded body of work, MHD has partnered with 2 community based organizations, Appetite for Change and CAPI, to build their capacity for working with corner stores in their neighborhood, capitalize on their knowledge of the community, and draw more customers into the stores to purchase fresh foods. Each organization is responsible for recruiting stores to participate in the program, assisting health department staff with planning and assessing the store and the customers, conducting community engagement activities with neighborhood residents to promote store changes, and conducting follow up meetings with store owners to continue to build relationships and provide support for the project on a long-term basis.

Accomplishments and Results:

North Minneapolis:
The Pantry Food Market, 5200 Bryant Ave N
Roger's Market, 2007 Glenwood Ave
Pennwood Market, 2125 Glenwood Ave|
Brix Market, 915 W Broadway Ave
Zaad's Food Market, 1510 W Broadway Ave
K's Dollar Store, 1021 W Broadway Ave
Amazing Oriental Market, 2425 W Broadway Ave
Broadway Fremont Gas, 1120 W Broadway Ave
Quick Stop, 3601 Penn Ave N
Penn Gas, 2606 Penn Ave N
Star Food Market, 818 Lowry Ave N
Northside Market, 3559 Lyndale Ave N
Lowry Foods, 628 Lowry Ave N

Northeast Minneapolis:
Sunny's Foods, 2207 University Ave NE
University Halal Market, 1900 University Ave NE
Safeway Market and Halal, 1631 Washington Ave NE

South Minneapolis:
Bader Grocery and Halal Meat Market, 1304 E Lake St
Winner Gas, 3333 Cedar Ave S
Cedar Food and Grill, 2600 Cedar Ave S
Bienvenu Market, 2606 Bloomington Ave
Panamericano Supermercado, 3408 Cedar Ave S
Sahan Grocery, Inc., 1530 E Lake St
Minnesota Halal Market, 1926 Chicago Ave
Toni's Market, 3500 Chicago Ave
Main Street Market, 3653 Chicago Ave
Portland Market, 3751 Portland Ave



Last updated Dec 5, 2013