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Tobacco Free Minneapolis: Current Initiatives 

The Minneapolis Health Department works to protect residents from secondhand smoke, prevent youth tobacco use, and connect people to resources to help them quit smoking


Tobacco Prevention: Menthol Flavored Tobacco Products
This newest info sheet explains the health risks and prevalence of menthol tobacco products (Provided by the Minnesota Department of Health).


Tobacco Free

Eliminating exposure to secondhand smoke and electronic cigarettes 

Assisting rental properties in establishing tobacco-free building policies and supporting implementation of the Minneapolis e-cigarette ordinance

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Preventing youth tobacco use

Reducing youth access to cheap flavored tobacco products through mass media and local policy changes

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Helping people quit smoking

Connecting smokers to resources to help them quit


Tobacco use is still a problem in Minneapolis:

  • Tobacco use is the leading cause of preventable illness and death
  • Adult smoking rates are dramatically higher in low-income neighborhoods, and specific racial & cultural populations, compared to Minneapolis overall
  • Youth are particularly vulnerable - 81% of life-long smokers in Minnesota start before age 18
  • There is no safe level of second-hand smoke

Explore tobacco-free living tips and resources:

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Last updated Apr 15, 2016