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Food Permit Frequently Asked Questions

What determines whether an establishment needs a catering license?

Catering license is needed if the food is delivered and served on site to customers, or if food is delivered in multi-use utensils that will be returned for re-use.

An operator owns a licensed food establishment and wants to cater food to a business facility or private wedding. What license is needed?

Caterer's license

A church or school is having a pot luck dinner, bake sale, or dinner. Attendees will be limited to students and parents or to the congregation. Does this require a permit?

No - this is considered a private event because it is not open to the general public. As long as it is a closed group, City involvement is not required.

If signs are posted and the public is invited, then a permit will be required as it would be a public event.

What do I need to sell ice cream, popcorn, candy, or pop from a truck?

Please view the Limited Mobile Food Vendor Application, Guidelines, and Checklist

Do I need a permit to sell or give away pre-packaged food at an event?

Yes. This includes beverages.

Can someone sell food or beverages from a private home?

No - private homes are not zoned for commercial use nor are home-prepared foods allowed by the Minnesota Food Code.

What type of foods can be sold from Sidewalk or Indoor Food Cart?

Please see applications and guidelines for:

Food Cart Vendor, Indoor

Food Cart Vendor, Sidewalk

Food Cart Vendor, Kiosk

Can a vendor who has a State of Minnesota food permit only, sell foods at a Minneapolis event?

No - vendor must obtain a Minneapolis Short Term or Seasonal Permit. Vendors with licenses from other municipalities (Bloomington, Brooklyn Park) must also obtain a Minneapolis license to sell here.

Last updated Sep 27, 2011